Brasília's international airport [Photo by Valter Campanato]

Subcommittee approves changes on civil aviation


Brazilian Port [Photo by Divulgação ANTAQ]Senate will debate logistic obstacles to agricultural exports

Obstacles to the flow of agricultural crops to other countries were one reason to summon the president of the Brazilian Company of Logistic Planning, Bernardo Figueiredo, to debate the matter at the Committee on Agriculture and Land Reform.


Meeting at the Committee on Economic Affairs [Photo by José Cruz]Financial agreements between Brazil and African countries approved

The Committee on Economic Affairs approved two international financial agreements between Brazil and the African countries Gabon and Sudan. Because their urgency, the matters followed legal channels and now go directly to the Plenary.


Embrapa [Photo by Dorivan Marinho/Agência Senado]Senators highlight Embrapa’s role in the evolution of agribusiness

Officially created on April 26 in 1973, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) turned 40 this week and, to remark such date, the Senate held a special session.

Brazilian Mining Company [Photo by Vale Divulgação]
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